System: Bootdelay

(last edit: 2001-06-19)


When you boot your FreeBSD machine you'll see something like this: "Hit [enter] to boot immediatly....." during the bootprocess. This message is a good thing, it gives you the oppertunity to boot another kernel but it can be a bit anyoing if you have to boot your machine daily (like my laptop). It would be nice to change the delay time from 10 seconds to something like 3.

Where, how, what

The program 'loader' is respocible for the last part of the bootstrapping stage, one of the things it does is displaying the above message and loading the selected kernel. The 'loader' has a configuration file located in the '/boot' dir. It works kinda like the '/etc/rc.conf' file, it also has a default file located in the '/boot/default/loader.conf' (take a look at it, there are some interesting things in there). As you browse through this file you'll find an option 'autoboot_delay="10"' which is commented out. Like the 'rc.conf' file you don't edit it here but in '/boot/loader.conf'. If this file doesn't exist: create it. Place the following in this file: autoboot_delay="[NR OF SECOND]" e.g. autoboot_delay="3" Reboot youre machine and you'll see that the delay time has changed. If you change the time to zero seconds, no question will be asked and the '/kernel' file will be used as kernel and loaded.

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