Miscellaneous: Ripping audio

(last edit: 2002-01-13)


NOTE if you use a SCSI cdrom read this howto If you want to rip an audio cd to wav and/or mp3 files then this can be a usefull document for you to read. Ripping audio can be done via various programs under FreeBSD but I'll discuss the following:


You c an use dagrab to read audio tracks from a cdrom drive and record them to WAVE files. Here are some usefull options: man dagrab -i -i prints out the track list from the current cd. This includes track number, lba start and length, type of track, its time duration and needed length when dumped to disk. -d device -d device sets the cdrom device name. Default is /dev/cdrom (if you haven't done already: symlinking of your cdrom device to /dev/cdrom is ``standard'') -a -a dumps all tracks and ignores the optional track list. -v -v enables the verbose mode of dagrab. It will print warning messages to stderr while delivering some useful information to stdout. E.g. the rest time and speed factor will be displayed while dumping a track. -C -C enables the use of cddbp protocol to retrieve disk info. -S -S causes the program to look for cddb data in remote server and to save it in the local database, wich for default is located in the xmcd library direc- tory.Implies -C -N -N gives to each track the name reported by cddb; over- rides -f. It does not enable cddbp. -H host -H host is the remote cddb server, defaults to cddb.like.it. -D dir -D dir sets the base directory of the local cddb database; it defaults to $XMCD_LIBDIR/cddb or /usr/lib/X11/xmcd/cddb if not defined. Dagrap tries to connect to '/dev/cdrom' if you don't specify a device. So make sure '/dev/cdrom' is linked to you cdrom device or use the '-d' option. To test if it works, try this: user@host:/home/user#dagrab -d /dev/acd0c -i -C DISK: Cypress Hill / Skull & Bones [Skull Disc track start length type duration MB Title 1 150 8462 audio 00:01:52 18 Intro 2 8612 14350 audio 00:03:11 32 Another Victory 3 22962 22030 audio 00:04:53 49 (Rap) Superstar 4 44992 19013 audio 00:04:13 42 Cuban Necktie 5 64005 17302 audio 00:03:50 38 What U Want From Me 6 81307 23248 audio 00:05:09 52 Stank Ass Hoe 7 104555 17525 audio 00:03:53 39 Highlife 8 122080 18225 audio 00:04:03 40 Certified Bomb 9 140305 12577 audio 00:02:47 28 Can I Get A Hit 10 152882 19538 audio 00:04:20 43 We Live This Shit 11 172420 12412 audio 00:02:45 27 Worldwide 170 184832 - leadout CDDB DISCID: 98099e0b So now you know it works and you would like to start ripping: user@host:/home/user#dagrab -d /dev/acd0c -a -N -C Dumping all tracks Dumping track 1: lba 0 to lba 8461 (needs 18 MB) Output file is: 01-Intro.wav .... You can test the WAV files with programs like 'xmms' and 'wavplay'.


So now you have WAV files but how do you convert them to MP3 files? There are allot of programs out there who can do this for you and 'bladeenc' is one of them. Here are the important options of bladeenc: Usage: bladeenc [global switches] input1 [output1 [switches]] input2 ... General switches: -[kbit], -br [kbit] Set MP3 bitrate. Default is 128 (64 for mono output). -delete, -del Delete sample after successful encoding. Global only switches: -quit, -q Quit without waiting for keypress when finished. -outdir=[dir] Save MP3 files in specified directory. -quiet Disable screen output. -nocfg Don't take settings from the config-file. -prio=[prio] Sets the task priority for BladeEnc. Valid settings are HIGHEST, HIGHER, NORMAL, LOWER, LOWEST(default) and IDLE So the useage should be something like this: 'bladeenc -br 192 -q -nocfg *.wav'. You will see a status output with a percentage done, which file is beeing processed etc. Bladeenc will create MP3 files with the same name as the input files.


"Grip is a gtk-based cd-player and cd-ripper. It has the ripping capabilities of cdparanoia builtin, but can also use external rippers." "It also provides an automated frontend for MP3 encoders, letting you take a disc and transform it easily straight into MP3s." So if you're into the graphical stuff you might want to look into this program because it will link all the above actions together

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