System: SMBFS and FreeBSD after 4.4

(last edit: 2002-01-06)


After FreeBSD 4.4 smbfs is a part of the base system so you can't and don't need to build it from the ports.

Kernel config

Add the following to your kernel: options NETSMB options NETSMBCRYPTO options LIBMCHAIN options LIBICONV options SMBFS Rebuild your kernel and restart your machine.

nsmb device

You will get the error: mount_smbfs: can't get handle to requester (no /dev/net/nsmb* device) This is because the make world is kinda broke for this device. You will have to make it yourself. Go to the '/dev' dir and do a: mknod nsmb0 c 144 0 Now the devices should be present.


If the 'mount_smbfs' command doesn't exists in your '/sbin/' dir than you should make it yourself. First make sure you have the latest source on your system, then go to th '/usr/src/sbin/mount_smbfs' dir and do a 'make' followed by a 'make install'. That should be it. You can test your smb connection with the 'smbutil' tool: smbutil login //user@host smbutil logou //user@host smbutil view //user@host all command should ask for a password. You can mount your samba share like so: mount_smbfs -I [ipnumber] //user@host/share node The '-I' options uses the followed ipnumber as address to connect to insted of the hostname specified behind the username. If you don't get it then mail your question to

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