Miscellaneous: Ripping and Burning with SCSI cdrom

(last edit: 2002-01-13)


I've written a howto on how to rip and encode your audio cd's so I thought I could do this until I tried it on a SCSI cdrom. That didn't work I got the error: dagrab: read raw ioctl failed at lba 0 length 12: Inappropriate ioctl for device There isn't allot of information about this error on the net but someone responded in a newsgroup that you should use 'tosha' for ripping with SCSI. The 'pkg-desc' of thosha sais: "tosha reads the digital audio / video data through the SCSI bus". Someone else suggested to use the raw SCSI driver but that wasn't the solution for me. This document describes how to rip and encode audio with 'tosha', 'ripit' and 'lame'.


You can install tosha from '/usr/ports/audio/tosha'. Tosha does the same thing as 'dagrab', it copies audio to your harddisk. You can use tosha like this: root@host:/#tosha -d /dev/cd0c -i The '-i' option only dislays a track list. If you ommit this option all tracks are dumped. You can use the '-t track(s)' option to specify a numer of tracks to dump. As you might notice: there is no cddb support but that's where 'ripit' comes in.


You can install ripit from '/usr/ports/audio/ripit'. Ripit is a perl script which uses p5-CDDB to get cddb info, a ripper like dagrab or tosha to get the wav files and an encoder like lame or Gogo to encode the mp3's. Because ripit is a perl script you can edit some default options in the beginning of the script. DON'T DO THIS if you aren't an experienced perl programmer. Here are the options you can use with ripit: Options: [start_track] - rips from this track to last track --halt - powers off the machine when finished if your configuration supports it --bitrate [rate] - Encode MP3 at this bitrate --year [year] - Tag MP3 with this year (included as CDDB does not store this information) --genre [genre] - Overrides CDDB genre, e.g. rock,funk --device [device] - CDROM device to rip from --encopt [options] - Parameters to pass to encoder --encoder [encoder] - Encoder to use, see below --cdripper [ripper] - Cdripper to use, see below --cdopt [options] - Parameters to pass to cdripper --outputdir [dir] - Where MP3s should go --numcpu [cpus] - Number of parallel encoders to run The encoder default is 0 options are: 0 - Lame, 1 - Gogo, 2 - OggVorbis The cdripper default is 3 options are: 0 - dagrab, 1 - cdparanoia, 2 - cdda2wav, 3 - tosha, 4 - cdd So you can use it like this: root@host:/#/usr/local/bin/ripit.pl --bitrate 192 --device /dev/cd1c --encoder 0 --cdripper 3 --outputdir /mymp3s/ This wil create an dir named like the album title in '/mymp3s/' with wav and mp3 files.


You can install lame from '/usr/ports/audio/lame'. You don't need to know anything of lame because the correct options are specified by ripit. If you have any questions mail them to I_dont_get_it

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