System: Make world: a short version

(last edit: 2002-07-01)


Make world means update you FreeBSD installation to the latest version. It is very important to do this from time to time unless you systems has ony four cables: power, mouse, keyboard and video :) There are allot of documents on the net which could be sold as books on how you can do a 'make world' (even this site has one). This is a short, don't explain just give me version.

Getting the source

Make sure you're root and have 'cvsup' installed (/usr/ports/net/cvsup). Copy the '/usr/share/examples/cvsup/stable-supfile' to the '/root' dir. Edit the file and change the 'CHANG_THIS' to your local server. This should begin with 'cvsup' like in ''.


Make sure the file sais something like 'stable source tree' because the file name has changed to 'stable-supfile' at some point and the 'standard-supfile' is now the 'current source tree' and you don't want that one!!! Do a 'cvsup -g stable-supfile' and sit back and wait. The entire source is now beeing downloaded in '/usr/src'.

Doing the make world

Go to the '/usr/src' dir and type 'make buildworld'. Sit back and wait again (this time get a coffee it's going to take long).

Rebuilding your kernel

You need to recompile you kernel, you don't need to change the config file just recompile it like this: Go to the '/usr/src' dir and type a 'make buildkernel KERNCONF=[your kernel name]' Make sure this is the name of the config file in '/usr/src/sys/i386/conf' you would like to rebuild.

Finishing up

After all is build well you just have to install it , in the '/usr/src' dir do a: make installworld make installkernel KERNCONF=[your kernel name] Don't forget the installkernel, you will be in allot of mess if you do!!! Reboot and have fun!!!


I am kinda paranoid so I removed the 'games' an 'uucp' user becouse I don't use them. The make world breaks then because it tries to do a 'chown games....'. So I had to put them back to make it work. If you don't get it send mail to i don't get it

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