System: How to compile a new kernel

(last edit: 2001-09-10) Make sure your logged on as root. Got to the '/usr/src/sys/i386/conf' directory. The file GENERIC and LINT live in this directory. Copy the GENERIC file to a new file with the name capitaliesed e.g. MYKERNEL. Now open the MYKERNEL file in a texteditor and change it to match your configuration. See the LINT file for explanations and/or the files '/usr/share/doc/handbook/kernel*' 1) When you're done edditing the MYKERNEL file, type the following: "/usr/sbin/config MYKERNEL" or if you have your paths configured just type "config MYKERNEL" 2) Go to the directory '/usr/src/sys/compile/MYKERNEL' and type 'make depend'. 3) When 'make depend' finishes type 'make' 4) when that one finished type 'make install'. 'Make install' will copy the '/kernel' file to '/kernel.old' and wil replace the '/kernel' file with the new kernel. Nowadays this is considered to be the "old" way. But it still works fine for me. Anyway, reboot and see if the new kernel works

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