X11: How to get a transparant term with aterm

(last edit: 2000-11-22) Install aterm. See '/usr/ports/x11/aterm' for more info and/or installation. Use the following options: aterm -rv -tr -trsb -sh 70 -cursorColor white -cursorColor2 black -geometry 60x25+10+20 man aterm -rv Reverse. The manpages, pine and so on will not look good if you don't use this option. -tr Tranparant -trsb Transparan scrollbar -sh 70 Shade, makes the background look shaded. The 70 is the percentage, 0 is no shade 100 is black -cursorColor white This is the background color of your cursor. -cursorColor2 black This is the foreground color of your cursor. -geometry lxw+x+y Size and position of the aterm. Specify in this order: the length x the witdth + x-position + y-position

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