System: Accessing a dead freebsd installation

(last edit: 2000-11-22) Oke this is what happend to me: I edited my /etc/defaults/rc.conf file and i made typo. And i got thus i got an error when i rebooted my machine. I got into a shell with my main partition mounted as READ ONLY. Dammn!! how to edit the rc.conf file? We'll have to boot from floppy. The available floppies are: boot.flp You can't use this one on current intel pc's (it's a floppy of >2mb) kern.flp Contains a small kernel mfsroot.flp Will show the installation menu fixit.flp Fixit shell Steps: 1) Put kern.flp in your floppy drive 2) When it asks for it put the mfsroot.flp in your floppy drive 3) In the installation menu select the 'fixit' option 4) Now hit ALT+F4 5) You now are in the fixit shell The fixit floppy is mounted in /mnt2 6) Mount your harddisk with: mount /dev/ados1a /mnt (the first ide disk, the first partition) 7) Now your harddisk is mounted as the way you want (in my case 'rw') *) Type exit to exit this shell. Exit the installation and reboot

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