Miscellaneous: Procmail

(last edit: 2000-11-22) NOTE: this document only covers basic procmail configuration. If you would like to get the most out of procmail I suggest you start reading 'man procmail' and all man pages to which 'man procmail' refers. How to configure procmail? First of all install it via /usr/ports/mail/procmail (duh?) You'll have to make an '.procmailrc' and a '.forward' file in your homedir. .forward This file must contain at least the following line (with the quotes): "|exec /usr/local/bin/procmail" You can ofcourse add e-mail adresses and/or other programs to this file but that's a forware thing (see 'man forward') and beond the scope of this document. This line forwards all the mail to procmail which starts, read your ~/.procmailrc file and processes the mail to the according mailboxes and stops. .procmailrc Here's an example to start: --- :0: * ^TOBUGTRAQ mail/Bugtraq :0: * ^TOspam mail/spam --- The first set of rules will place all mail send to 'BUGTRAQ' in the 'Bugtraq' mail box. The ^TO matches destination specifications like 'To', 'Cc' etc. Furthermore you can specify a "^From.*[name]" and a "^Subject:.*[text]". e.g.: :0: * ^From.*myself * ^Subject:.*test mail/test This should place all e-mails from 'mysef@domain.com/net/whaterver' in the 'test' mailbox. This is how my .procmailrc file looks like (yeah I know it's a _REALY_ simple one): --- :0: * ^TOBUGTRAQ mail/Bugtraq :0: * ^From.*jappe * ^Subject:.*test mail/test --- Now you should be able to setup a simple procmail.rc file. bogus mailbox This is something one of my collegues figured out so the credits for this go to him!!!: If you're getting complaints from procmail about being unable to rename the bogus mailbox /var/mail/usercode or whatever, you may want to read on. Problem - from procmail(1) doc: -----------------------------< cut here >------------------------------- If /var/mail/$LOGNAME is a bogus mailbox (i.e. does not belong to the recipient, is unwritable, is a symbolic link or is a hard link), procmail will upon startup try to re- name it into a file starting with `BOGUS.$LOGNAME.' and ending in an inode-sequence-code. If this turns out to be impossible, ORGMAIL will have no initial value, and hence will inhibit delivery without a proper rcfile. -----------------------------< cut here >------------------------------- If /var/mail/usercode is a symlink pointing to e.g. /home/usercode/.mail then this triggers it. You can't change it in ~/.procmailrc because this happens before that is read. Solution: become root # cd /usr/ports/mail/procmail # make patch # cd work/procmail*/src # vi authenticate.c [ or preferred editor ] find the line defining MAILSPOOLHOME and remove the leading ``/*'' save, exit # cd ../../.. # make # pkg_info | fgrep procmail # pkg_delete procmail-whichever_version # make install # make clean That should solve it. See also the XBuffy how-to.

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