X11: XBuffy

(last edit: 2000-11-22) With xbuffy you can watch your mailboxes. It wil display a list of known mailboxes and the number of new e-mails in it. When you double klick the mailbox a given action can be executed and when you click your left mouse button down on the mailbox you see a list of new e-mails. For more info/functionality see 'man xbuffy' Installing As simple as ever: install it via /usr/ports/mail/xbuffy Configuration The configuration of xbuffy is manly done by the ~/.xbuffyrc file. This is how my .xbuffyrc file looks like: --- box {HOME}/mbox title Inbox command openmailbox mbox beep box {HOME}/mail/personal title NOC command openmailbox mail/personal beep <snip continuation of the above with only different boxes> --- You can specify 'no beep' instead of 'beep' if that suites you more. For further options see the xbuffy man page or the end of this document where a few command line options are taken from the manual. You can put these options in you xbuffyrc file instead of on the command line and thus you can specify defferent values for each option for each mailbox. This is what the 'openmailbox' file looks like: --- #!/bin/sh -e if [ $# -ne 1 ] then echo >&2 'openmailbox requires 1 command-line argument' exit 1 fi ATERM='/usr/X11R6/bin/aterm -rv -tr -trsb -sh 20 -cursorColor white -cursorColor2 black -fn fixed' $ATERM -e /usr/local/bin/pine -i -f "/home/jappe/$1" & --- So when you click the mailbox with your third mouse button, pine is started and it will open that mailbox. I use 'aterm' in the 'openmailbox' file but ofcourse you can use another terminal program like xterm, eterm, etc. Just change the contence of the 'ATERM' var and even change the name if you like. Starting xbuffy You can start xbuffy with the following command: exec xbuffy -poll 30 -shortnames -header 0 -boxfile /home/jappe/.xbuffyrc -center -fg white -bg black Taken from the xbuffy man page: -poll secs How often the mailbox files are polled for new mail. If this is not specified, it will use the MAILCHECK environment variable. (default: 60) -shortnames Will display the file names of all the mailboxes it is watching. -header secs This will display the From: and Subject: lines from incoming mail messages in a popup window when button 1 is pressed in the box label. The mail header will also popup automatically for the amount of time indicated in secs when new mail arrives. If secs is 0, the mail header will not pop up when new mail arrives. Clicking in the popup window when mail arrives (if the argument is non-zero) will instantly popdown the window. This feature was borrowed from xpbiff -boxfile filename The name of a file containing configuration information for the boxes. The boxfile is an alternative way of specifying what to watch. The boxfile also allows each box to have differ- ent polltime, headertime, etc. -center Centers the name of the box in the box. This option turns on the fill option. See also the procmail how-to.

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