Miscellaneous: Reading MSWord document

(last edit: 2000-11-22) There are allot of programs around who let you read MSWord documents. The two programs I use are 'antiword' and 'mswordview'. The last one is currently known as 'wvware' but at the time I write this still known as 'msworview' in the ports. antiword Install 'antiword' via: /usr/ports/textproc/antiword Antiword is an application that displays the text of MS Word files. Only files made by MS Word version 6 or later are supported. Run antiword from the command line: user@host:~#antiword mydoc.doc | less You can browse thru the docment if you redirect the output to e.g. less MswordView Intall 'mswordview' via: /usr/ports/textproc/mswordview Run mswordview for the command line: user@host:~#mswordview mydoc.doc And then mswordview will create a file named 'mydoc.doc.html'. Open this file with your browser and you can read the word document.

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