System: Getting the kernel source via cvs

(last edit: 2000-11-22) First of all Backup the current source and make sure you really want to do this. If you done with the backup and you want to get the kernel source or update the kernel source via CVS this is how-to. CVS First of all you have to check if CVS is installed: root@host:/#pkg_info | grep ^cvs if you see something like: cvsup-bin-16.1 A general network file distribution system optimized for CVS Then CVS is installed if not install it via: /usr/ports/net/cvsup-bin Getting the source The kernel source should be in '/usr/src/sys' but if it isn't there then you've forgotten to install it. You can get the latest one via CVS: Set CVSROOT to : root@host:/#export Now go to the dir where you would like to put the source and type: root@host:/tmp/cvstrail#cvs checkout src/sys to get the entire kernel source. If you'll have to enter a password: it is 'anoncvs'. If you want to put the source imediatly in the correct directory do this: root@host:/#cd /usr root@host:/usr#cvs checkout src/sys Now sit back and wait.... Updating the source Go to the dir where the source is and type (make sure you've exported the CVSROOT var, see above). root@host:/usr#cvs update src/sys or root@host:/usr/src/sys#cvs update

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