Miscellaneous: StarOffice: How to install StarOffice 5.1

(last edit: 2001-03-18) If you're trying to install Sun StarOffice 5.1 and you get the error: "libvos517li.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" this is the answer: StarOffice 5.1 is a linux version which expects the above file (and other) to be in the '/bin' directory but on your freeBSD machine (which is unix ;-) these file live in '/usr/compat/linux/bin' . So you have to add this directory to your path. Another problem which will occur is that you temp dir will be full. FreeBSD makes a temp dir in your root, which is usually not so big. It is better to use the /usr/tmp dir (if it doesn't exist, create it). To solve this type in with bash as shell: bash#export TEMP=/usr/tmp bash#export PATH=/usr/compat/linux/bin:$PATH Make sure the dir '/usr/tmp' exists. Got to the StarOffice install directory and type './setup /net' . Read the 'README' file to see installation options. The install dir? eeeh? I mean: download the staroffice source (aka the staroffice tar/tgz file) , you'll probaly will find it at www.sun.com. Extract it to in a suitable dir (e.g. /tmp). You can extract it with 'tar -xvf [filename]'. You'll get a directory structure including an install dir: tataaa!!

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