Security: Updating your current FreeBSD installation.

(last edit: 2001-11-13) This document is about upgrading your FreeBSD system to the most recent one so all cool software will work proper-like. This is supposedly a very tricky thing to do to your system, so you should (as you should always) back-up all important files to a diffrent system or device. If you don't you could have a serious problem when you system goes belly-up. One last bit of warning don't do anthing else when your system is working on this or you'll increase the chance of failure. And just for the heck of it, one last piece of advise: This entire procedure will take VERY long. On an amd 500Mhz with 256MB ram and a T3 (very vast) line this took about 5-6 hours!!! However it won't need babysitting so you can start in the morning and come back to see it finished (very much) lateron. Because most people won't be running their bsd on such a machine, I suspect :) , it _WILL_ take REALLY REALLY long! Ok, here we go: * first install cvsup from /usr/ports/net/cvsup-bin * next copy thet standard supfile from /usr/share/examples/cvsup/standard-supfile to /home and edit it to fit your needs. Especially change the lines (basically thats all): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *default *default release=cvs tag=RELENG_4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to know how the second line works for indicationg diffrent versions read THIS * next put this file into /root/make/Makefile You should be able to get it from: the freebsd diary or right click this link and choose "save as" * next: ~/make 2.make update - updates your source files 3.make build - does a build world 4.make install - installs the results of the above 5.make kernel - builds and installs a new kernel [Remember to create your kernel configuration file first and set the name of this file within the Makefile (see the MYKERNEL). And if you are building a pre 4.1-stable kernel, you might want to use "make kerneloldstyle" instead of "make kernel"] 6.make merge - merges the results 7.reboot Have fun! Thats an order soldier Sjoerd Send your questions to:

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