X11: How to get a transparant term with Eterm

(last edit: 2000-11-22) Command line This is the command: user@host:~#Eterm -f white -c white -x -D 0 -W -O --shade 80% --scrollbar off --menubar off See the summary of the Eterm man page below for an explanation: Theme Or you can create a theme (e.g. called 'lowlife') and start Eterm: user@host:~#Eterm -t lowlife You probaley can put the theme in you home dir, but I've just put it in the global dir: user@host:/usr/local/share/Eterm/themes/lowlife#ls -al total 12 -rw-r--r-- 1 me users 364 Nov 18 16:20 MAIN user@host:/usr/local/share/Eterm/themes/lowlife#cat MAIN begin main begin color foreground white cursor white scrollbar black unfocusedscrollbar black video normal shade 80% end color begin attributes # geometry 132x50+100+100 end attributes end attributes begin toggles scrollbar on borderless true menubar off trans on watch_desktop on end toggles end main ----------- For an exact explanation: see the man page. Below are the man page entries of the command line options and with a little imagination you can match the command line options with the options specified in the 'MAIN' file. Man Eterm -f color, --foreground-color color Set color as the foreground (text) color. NOTE: this will actually be the background color if reverse video is also selected. -c color, --cursor-color color Use color as the cursor color. -x, --borderless This option forces Eterm to have no borders. This also means that the window can not be moved (unless the -V or --menubar-move option is specified) or resized. Recommend using --geometry as well with this option. -D desktop, --desktop desktop Starts the Eterm on the specified desktop. desktop should be an integer between 0 and your highest- numbered desktop. NOTE: You must have a GNOME-com- pliant window manager for this feature to work. Please see http://www.gnome.org/devel/gnomewm/ for more information on the _WIN_WORKSPACE property and how to support it. -W, --watch-desktop In a pseudo-transparent Eterm, this will watch the desktop for changes to the image, Eterm moving to a different desktop, etc. Use with the transparency options below. -O, --trans This gives a pseudo-transparent Eterm. The image is taken directly from the root window, so any requests for changing the pixmap are ignored. If you do not use Enlightenment (http://www.enlighten- ment.org/) as your window manager, you will need to use the Esetroot program in the doc/ directory to set your root background image. --shade percentage Darkens the background pixmap (either an image file or the transparent portion can be shaded). The amount of shading is controlled by the specified percentage, which may or may not be followed by a percent sign. -s, --scrollbar Enables the scrollbar. (Default) --menubar Enables the menubar. (Default)

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