Network: NFS: Portmap: RPC: Program not registered

(last edit: 2001-10-31)

NFS Portmap: RPC: Program not registered

If you get this error when trying to mount a NFS share check the folloging:


On the NFS server: Are the following deamons running:
  • portmap
  • nfsd
  • mountd
If you have killed, killed -HUP, restarted 'nfsd' or 'mountd' then you'll HAVE to do a 'killall -HUP portmap' because portmap needs to be the last deamon to have been started. update:On a 4.x portmap dies when you doe a -HUP (can't remember if this was the case on the 3.x on which wrote this article) so you have to start it again manually. Check the options with which the NFS server is started. (See/check /etc/rc.conf /etc/defaults/rc.conf) Explanation of some parameters: -u = Starts the server only handeling udp connections. -t = Starts the server only handeling tcp connections. -n 4 = Starts 4 servers

The following is usually the problem:

If the -u or -t parameter is specified then check the mount command op the client and make sure it uses the same protocol.


it doesn't hurt to check the /etc/exports file. You can start with a realy plain but functional one, just place the dir in which the filesystem which you would like to export is mounted in the file and no additional options. If the remote mount works, start looking at the exports man page and fine-tune the file. Last but not least: check the '/etc/hosts.allow' file. There could be a portmap entry in there.

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