Miscellaneous: StarOffice: Strange directory structure

(last edit: 2001-03-18) Your directory structure looks different in StarOffice StarOffice 5.1 is a linux version and it thinks that the '/usr/compat/linux/' dir is the root of your filesytem. In this dir freeBSD simulates a linux filesystem. So, in StarOffice, the '/mnt' dir is actually '/usr/compat/linux/mnt' dir. Furthermore StarOffice will put the directories whicht does live in '/' and don't live in '/usr/compat/linux' in the tree. That's why e.g. the '/lkm' dir appears in the tree. Create some softlinks in the '/usr/compat/linux/' dir. E.g. root@host:~#ln -s /mnt/data /usr/compat/linux/mnt/data

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