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(last edit: 2001-04-12) There is a realy good document op daemon news about PPPoe


PPPoE means Point to Point Protocol Over Ethernet and is used by e.g. ADSL providers and in my case by my cable provider Casame/Wanadoo . PPPoE has been part of PPP for a long time and is therefor configured via '/etc/ppp.conf'. If you want to know more: click the above link if you just want it to work read below:


Make sure your kernel supports 'NETGRAPH' and the pseudo device tun: options NETGRAPH options NETGRAPH_PPP options NETGRAPH_PPPOE pseudo-device tun If you don't know how to compile a kernel click here Furthermore: make sure your networkcard to which the modem is connected is in your kernel and is working. If all the above works you can edit the '/etc/ppp/ppp.conf' file and make sure it looks something like this: --- default: set device PPPoE:ed0 set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP command set speed sync set ctsrts off set mru 1492 set mtu 1492 set ifaddr enable lqr add default HISADDR enable dns nat enable yes wanadoo: set authname [your username here]@wanadoo set authkey [your password here] --- You can start ppp via the command line as follows: root@host:/#ppp -ddial wanadoo Working in ddial mode Using interface: tun0 root@host:/# ifconfig tun0 tun0: flags=8051 mtu 1492 inet --> netmask 0xffffff00 Opened by PID 1159 The first ip address is your ip address the second of the first router/gateway. The '-ddial' option means this: man ppp -ddial This mode is equivalent to -auto mode except that ppp will bring the link back up any time it's dropped for any reason. -auto ppp opens the tun interface, configures it then goes into the background. The link isn't brought up until outgoing data is de- tected on the tun interface at which point ppp attempts to bring up the link. Packets received (including the first one) while ppp is trying to bring the link up will remain queued for a de- fault of 2 minutes.


Offcourse you want ppp to start when your machine starts, put these lines in your '/etc/rc.conf': ppp_enable="YES" ppp_mode="ddial" ppp_profile="wanadoo"

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