System: Installing distributions afterwards

(last edit: 2001-04-06)


I had forgotten to install the 'crypto' distribution when installing my server and I came accross the following problems: 1)I couldn't login with NIS and sshd said that he was missing kerbos 2)When trying to install openssh the following error was displaid: "[root] /usr/ports/security/openssh>make This port requires the OpenSSL library, which is part of the FreeBSD crypto distribution but not installed on your machine. Please see the "OpenSSL" section in the handbook (at "", for instance) for instructions on how to obtain and install the FreeBSD OpenSSL distribution. *** Error code 1" 3)When installing openssl the following error was displaid: "[root] /usr/ports/security/openssl>make ===> openssl-0.9.5a_1 is forbidden: OpenSSL is already in the base system." Then I started searching the net/newsgroups/manpages but all I could find was: start sysintstall --> configure --> distributions and select the crypto dist. Well if you want to do it this way you have to install the 'bin' dist also (i've tried this at home and believe me you don't want to do it, all your config files in /etc get overwritten and allot of other nasty things).


The crypto distribution is on the installation cd and op (for no-us residents). I've installed it from cd (the dir is derectly in the root of the cd): [root] /mnt/cdrom/crypto>./ You are about to extract the CRYPTO distribution into / - are you SURE you want to do this over your installed system? If not, hit ^C now, otherwise hit return to continue. Do you want to install the CRYPTO sources (y/n)? y And that's it. It solved all of the above problems.

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