Miscellaneous: watch: How to snoop on your users.

(last edit: 2001-05-01) In a fit a boredness I decided I wanted to know what the hell other people were doing, hence I decided to make watch work. Watch is a tool that allows the superuser to see what other people are doing on their tty's. But sadly it doesn't work out of the box with freebsd, any you should see this error: watch: fatal: cannot open snoop device To get it to work you need to do the following: (1) You will need to recompile your kernel with this option: pseudo-device snp 3 For help with recompiling it see another doc on this site. (2) You will need to make some devices. Go to /dev/ and make the following devices: ./MAKEDEV snp0 ./MAKEDEV snp1 ./MAKEDEV snp2 ./MAKEDEV snp3 That's all Just see who's on with the "w" command and start looking with commands such as # watch ttyp0 If you also want write access on their tty also use the -W option. Happy sleuthing ;-) Sjoerd. mail questions to I-dont-get-it@t-l.org

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