X11: Have wheel on mouse must use in XFree86 4.x

(last edit: 2001-06-06)


You have a mouse wheel and you would like it to work, wouldn't you? Well I have a Logitech Cordless Mouse and I got it to work under XFree86 4.0.3_3. The weird thing is that when I specify the 'ps/2' as protocol the mouse wheel doesn't work, when I specify the 'auto' protocol it does work. Strange.....


Quit X if your running it, edit the '/etc/X11/XF86Config' file on your command line as root. Add the following lines to the 'Section "InputDevice"' (ofcourse the one of your mouse and not the one of youre keyboard): Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5" Option "Buttons" "6" Save, quit and start X. Now your mouse wheel should work. If it doesn't: make sure you have specified the 'auto' protocol (see introduction).

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