X11: XFree86 4: installing on Toshiba tecra 8000

(last edit: 2001-06-12)


You want to install XFree86 4.x on a Toshiba tecra 8000 laptop with an Neomagic 256AV (NM2200) card. You can check your card by doing a: root@host:/#dmesg | grep -i neom This document will discuss: XFree86 config tool, Selecting the videocard and problems.

XFree86 config tool

You probely know 'XF86Setup' from XFree86 3.x, well that tool is gone and you'll have use 'xf86cfg' instead. Xf86cfg is a pain in the ass until you have your mouse configured. There are few ways to get your mouse working: 1) xf86cfg hase these default settings: Protocol "auto" Port "/dev/mouse" So make sure '/dev/mouse' is linked to the port your mouse is connected to, e.g.: root@host:/dev#ln -s psm0 mouse Start xf86cfg and hope for the best. 2) You can supply a 'XFree86Config' file to xf86cfg. So start xf86cfg once, it will create a '/root/XFree86Config.new' file, edit this file and start xf86cfg like this root@host:/#xf86cfg -xf86config /root/XFree86Config.new 3) Start moused first: root@host:/#moused -p /dev/psm0 -t ps/2 4)This is IMHO the best sollution: start in textmote root@host:/#xf86cfg -textmode

Selecting the videocard

First select the neomagic videocard (press the 'n' to quick jump). After this you must select a driver. You can use de 'neomagic' server if you have the NM2200 chipset like I do. This driver supports a number of chipsets, see the xfree86 website for details.


The problem I encountered was that XFree didn't start because it thought that my chipset wasn't supported by the neomagic driver. I fixed this by setting the chipset in the '/etc/X11/XF86Config' file (manually) to: Options "Chipset" "NEO2200" Well you should now be able to start your server and do the rest of the configuring yourself (resolution etc.)

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