Security: Telnet, rsh, rlogin.: connecting as root

(last edit: 2001-06-12)


By default you are not allowed to login as root via telnet, rsh, rlogin etc. THIS IS A GOOD THING. THINK TWICE, SLEEP A NIGHT, THINK AGAIN AND AGAIN BEFORE YOU DISABLE THIS!!!!! ARE YOU THINKING.......? Remember if you login using telnet your password will be send over the network in clear text, same for rsh and rlogin. ONLY READ ON IF YOURE REALY SURE ABOUT THIS: The 'problem' lies in '/etc/ttys'. If a tty is not marked as secure then root login will not be accepted on this ttyp. So if you want to enable root login you have to change a few of those ttyp's to secure. If you only mark one as secure then only one connection can login as root (duh?) Example lines of '/etc/ttys': ttyp0 none network secure ttyp1 none network secure ttyp2 none network Have fun and be carefull.

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